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Three Tiered Outdoor Fountain FT-C 113" Talland Surround Gray Granite

FT-19-C-20 Gray Granite Combination *Special Order*

  • The FT-19C luxurious fountain has been constructed from a beautiful gray granite. Standing at 113" tall, this magnificent fountain truly leaves you with a sense of awe. The relaxing sounds of the water cascading down the three tiers creates a calming environment. The bottom tier measures 57" in diameter, the second measures 40", and the top tier measures 25". This fountain will make a gorgeous addition to any yard or garden. Included with this fountain is the quality gray granite surround FT-20, pictured. It has an overall length of 140". The inside dimensions measure 79x79". Each of the semi-circles then extend 25" further than that. The surrounds wall measures 24" tall, and 6" wide. (N.R. 5/13/14 Room 2-B-2)

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